About us


Audiomeios, a company incorporated 30 years ago, offers audiovisual solutions for congresses and events. Our growth and evolution steadily increased during these years based on the most valuable referrals from our customers and partners. 

We regularly work with the best Portuguese event facilities and we have an event portfolio which has given us the experience and ability to validate any project with accuracy and speed.

 For every customer and project we offer consultancy services which include visits to event facilities, decision-making and technical advice meetings, aiming to find  the most effective  audiovisual solution. 

 In every service we provide we aim to exceed expectations, add value and strengthen our relationship with our customers. We have a flexible negotiation approach oriented to project feasibility.

 Our Logo, a combination of two words, “Audio” and “Meios", aims to communicate the company’s experience through symbols associated with the audiovisual universe: the “Play” symbol, conveying dynamism, action, determination, and the letter “A”, and an equalizer conveying balance, sustainability and development, with the shape of an “M”.


Serving in an unique way, always adding value, offering our customers innovative solutions and actively contributing to the success of their events.


Strive to achieve perfection in supporting the event organizer and in the solutions we present, being unique in the way we get involved in each project.


Respect for people, their safety and integrity. Honesty in all processes, pursuit of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

  • Address: Núcleo Empresarial II
    Rua da Bica – Armazém I
    2665-608 Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal
  • Phone: (+351) 219 663 843
  • Email: geral@audiomeios.pt
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